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ADL Testing Equipment For Diaper Raw Material

ADL Flexibility Tester

ADL Flexibility tester

Flexibility tester is mainly used for the determination of the softness of medium and high-grade tissue,ADL, tobacco flakes, fiber fabrics and other soft software materials, the instrument is based on the concept of imitating the human finger as much as possible and the development of the instrument, which can affect the softness of the important parameters of the test are concentrated in a single instrument to carry out a one-time test, and through the use of these parameters, the softness of these parameters is automatically calculated using a specific formula value.

Electronic Tensile Tester

ADL Electronic Tensile Tester

Measures paper tension, tensile strength, elongation, breaking length, tensile energy absorption, tensile index, tensile energy absorption index, and in particular senses minute quantities, and is uniquely capable of determining each of the corresponding parameters of paper.

abrasion meter

ADL abrasion meter

Round fabric specimens in a certain pressure, and the standard abrasive according to Lissajous curve of the trajectory of the movement of each other, resulting in specimen breakage, to the specimen breakage of the number of times that the wear resistance of the fabric wear resistance.

Digital Fabric Thickness Gauge

ADL Fabric Thickness Gauge

Fabric thickness gauges are used to determine the thickness of all kinds of woven and knitted fabrics, and can also be used to determine the thickness of other uniformly thin materials.

Liquid Penetration Tester

ADL Liquid Penetration Tester

Used for liquid penetration testing of thin nonwovens for hygienic use such as feminine hygiene napkins, diapers and other wrapping materials.

Intelligent Digital Whiteness Meter

ADL Intelligent Digital Whiteness Meter

Widely used in the whiteness measurement of paper paper plate, textile printing and dyeing, paint and coating, chemical building materials, plastic products, cement, calcium carbonate powder, ceramics, enamel, china clay, starch, flour, salt, detergent, cosmetics and other objects.